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About Services Testimonials Our Team What's New Resources
What's New

Congratulations Mike!

Congratulations to our assistant Mike who was accepted to not one, but two, dental schools this week!

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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

Who is the best dressed today?

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Mike as "Pregnant Marsha"

Laura as "Smarty Pants"

Geralyn as "Harley Cat"

Marsha as "Preggo-cado"

Marion as "Flying Squirrel"

Impress a Dentist!

Buzzfeed and the American Dental Association teamed up to bring you this fun quiz! Do you know enough about your mouth to impress a dentist? Take the quiz and find out:

Planning An Office Facelift

How do two dentists plan an office renovation? Design, planning, trying floor plans out in masking tape - you name it. Both Drs. Jacobskind are working hard together to make sure that the office continues to be a beautiful space! Did we mention - we'll be closed for two weeks to make this happen!

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Happy Birthday Mike!

What does a future dentist do to celebrate his birthday? See how many cavities he can get in one day.

Happy birthday to our newest addition Mike! When you're in for your next exam and cleaning you'll meet our aspiring dentist!

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